Contact Information

Information Management Systems Institute
Athena Research Center
Artemidos 6 & Epidavrou
Marousi 15125, Greece
Tel: (+30) 2106875450


Short Bio

I am a Principal Researcher at the Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI) of Athena Research Center. I received my Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2003, and my PhD in Computer Science also from NTUA in 2008. During 2009-2011, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the L3S Research Center in Hannover, Germany. My research interests focus mainly on data integration, exploration and analysis, with emphasis on geospatial and spatio-textual data, time series, and knowledge graphs. I have more than 90 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, conferences and workshops. I am also an associate editor for the GeoInformatica international journal, and a reviewer in several conferences and journals in these areas. I have participated in many EU and national R&D projects, in several of them as principal investigator or project coordinator.

Research Interests

  • Spatial and temporal data mining
  • Data discovery and exploration
  • Semantic data integration and interoperability



  • STELAR: Spatio-TEmporal Linked data tools for the AgRi-food data space
    EU Horizon Europe, 1/9/2022 - 31/8/2025
    Project Coordinator

  • DataBri-X: Data Process & Technological Bricks for expanding digital value creation in European Data Spaces
    EU Horizon Europe, 1/10/2022 - 30/9/2025

  • DT4GS: Open collaboration and open Digital Twin infrastructure for Green Smart Shipping
    EU Horizon Europe, 1/6/2022 - 31/5/2025


  • INODE: Intelligent Open Data Exploration
    EU Horizon 2020, 1/11/2019 - 30/4/2023

  • OpertusMundi: A Single Digital Market for Industrial Geospatial Data Assets
    EU Horizon 2020, 1/1/2020 - 31/12/2022

  • SmartDataLake: Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics
    EU Horizon 2020, 1/1/2019 - 31/12/2021
    Project Coordinator

  • LinkGeoML: Automatic and accurate interlinking of geospatial data using machine learning
    National - Research, Create, Innovate, 9/7/2018 - 8/7/2020

  • SLIPO: Scalable linking and integration of Big POI data
    EU Horizon 2020, 1/1/2017 - 31/12/2019

  • CityRisks: Avoiding and mitigating safety risks in urban environments
    EU Horizon 2020, 1/5/2015 - 30/4/2018
    Principal Investigator

  • OpenDataMonitor: Monitoring, analysis and visualisation of open data catalogues, hubs and repositories
    EU FP7, 1/11/2013 - 31/10/2015

  • GeoStream: Exploiting user-generated geospatial content streams
    EU FP7, 1/4/2013 - 31/3/2015
    Project Coordinator

  • GeoKnow: Making the Web an exploratory for geospatial knowledge
    EU FP7, 1/12/2012 - 30/11/2015

  • GeoCrowd: A geospatial knowledge world
    EU FP7, 1/12/2010 - 30/11/2014

  • SYNC3: Synergetic content creation and communication
    EU FP7, 1/4/2009 - 31/3/2012

  • LivingKnowledge: Facts, opinions and bias in time
    EU FP7, 1/2/2009 - 31/1/2012