Οδηγός χρήσης svn/redmine

Assume a redmine project called lod, and a local folder lod with your working files.
  1. Go to project settings/modules and enable repositories.
  2. Go to project settings/repositories to find the URL for the SVN repository of the project, e.g.: (Note that if the project is new, this URL needs some minutes to appear in the field. DO NOT ENTER username/passwd by yourself)
  3. Go to your local lod folder and checkout:
    svn checkout . --username dalamag
    If you do not include "." in the checkout command, then the folder lod will be automatically created in your current folder.
  1. Add all content in the repository:
    svn add *
  2. Make the first commit:
    svn commit -m 'put a message here'


  1. Import your lod folder:
    svn import lod/ -m 'put a message here' 
    Note: the svn import command is a quick way to copy an unversioned tree of files into a repository, creating intermediate directories as necessary. svn import doesn't require a working copy, and your files are immediately committed to the repository. Note that after the import is finished, the original tree is not converted into a working copy. To start working, you still need to svn checkout a fresh working copy of the tree.
  2. Rename your lod folder, e.g., to old-lod.
  3. Go to the local folder where you want to have again lod as working folder and checkout:
    svn checkout --username dalamag
  4. Remove old-lod folder.

Now your files are available through RedMine's repository menu.