Virtuoso instr

The following instructions are tested to work with Virtuoso open-source 7.1 columnstore on a debian/squeezy platform.
The installation process is almost fully automated. We assume that we have the distributed package at virtuoso-columnstore-edition-1.0.tar.

Create a non-privileged user (say virtuoso), and login as this user:

# adduser virtuoso
# su virtuoso

Download the package and save it at ~virtuoso/packages/virtuoso-columnstore-edition-1.0.tar.
Extract the archive and invoke the installation script:

# mkdir ~virtuoso/packages/virtuoso-columnstore-1.0
# cd ~virtuoso/packages/virtuoso-columnstore-1.0
# tar xvf ../virtuoso-columnstore-edition-1.0.tar && ./

After that, you should point your browser to http://localhost:8980/install to finish the installation (provide a license,
change administrative passwords etc.).

You can control the server by using the following commands:

# cd ~virtuoso/packages/virtuoso-columnstore-1.0
# ./bin/virtuoso-{start|stop|status}.sh