The following RDF stores have been installed for testing:

AllegroGraph: See
Parliament: See
uSeekM: See
Virtuoso: See
Strabon: See

Setup Instructions

In this section we provide instructions on how-to setup these specific RDF database engines.

  1. AllegroGraph instr.
  2. Parliament instr.
  3. uSeekM instr.
  4. Virtuoso instr.
  5. Strabon instr.
  6. Owlim-se instr.

Prebuilt VM images

If you experience problems trying to setup one of these RDF engines, you can download and try the prebuilt VM disk images from Athena's FTP directory at:

Use guest:be-my-guest when prompted for your credentials and login to the FTP account.

These images are normal XEN domU disk images, that can be used to create a functional domU guest. Of course, you should also provide:
  • your own guest configuration file at /etc/xen/<the-vm>.cfg (or wherever you have chosen to configure your domU guests)
  • a swap image file

Use root:root as the root password for your newly created machine (and of course, change it just after your first login)

After creating the machine, you should login with the serial console (eg. xm console <the-vm>) and:
  • configure your network interfaces to adapt to your local network
  • configure your hostname and your /etc/hosts file

Benchmark datasets

OpenStreetMap (OSM) data for Great Britain covering England, Scotland, and Wales as of 05/03/2013, were downloaded in ESRI shapefile format. Of the available OSM layers, only those concerning road network (roads), points of interest (points) and natural parks and waterbodies (natural) were actually utilized. From each original layer, only the most important attributes were retained: shape, name, osm_id, type.

All data was used “as is”, without modifying geometric or descriptive information. Features were already referenced in WGS84 system, so no transformation was necessary. In terms of descriptive information, the unique OSM identifier was kept as the reference label for each feature, whereas attributes for name and type (if not null), were retained as string literals.

The datasets used for benchmarking can be found at the Athena's FTP directory (see previous section).