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Modern statistical problems contains high dimensional, complex and noisy data. My research focuses on developing computationally and statistically efficient algorithms in the area of machine and statistical learning in order to explore, analyse and understand the data at hand. My work is directly motivated by and contributes to problems that derived from the domains of Bioinformatics, Medical Imaging and Semantic Web of Data.
Research Problems: graph kernels, graph comparison, graph mining, data mining, modelling evolving RDF graph data, search and exploration of RDF graph data.

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I am a Postdoc Researcher in the Institute for Management of Information Systems at the Research and Innovation Center "Athena", since March 2014. My current research work focuses on Semantic Web Data and specifically on modelling evolving information as RDF data graph, as well as efficient search and exploration of RDF data graphs using keywords. I earned a PhD degree in Applied Mathematics in December 2013 from Ecole Centrale de Paris under the supervision of Matthew B. Blaschko and co-supervision of Nikos Paragios. During my PhD studies, I was also a member of the GALEN team at INRIA-Saclay Research Center in France. Prior to France, I earned a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from the Computer Science Department of the University of Crete, Greece, in 2006 and 2009, respectively. During both my undergraduated and graduated studies in Greece, I held a student fellowship from the Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas, working at the Computational Biology Lab under the supervision of Poirazi Panagiota.

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