Informed Real-Estate Services: Leveraging Web 2.0


The main concept of the project divided in two case usage scenarios highlighting how Real Esate 2.0 services could potentially assist individuals in buying home residences and manage a portfolio of commercial and residential properties or lands as part of corporate RE investment optimization. Our project, Informed Real Estate Services 2.0, in order to be able to fulfill all these conditions by integrading the following kinds of RE information:

The first kind of the required information includes the intrinsic characteristics of the property, the Property features , such as the quality, location, and size of its construction.

The second kind includes information on Points of Interest (POI) that can be rather easily found by using location and geographic information like metro stations, schools, super-markets, etc. Here we also include demographic related information that could help us project the evolution of the real estate market in the future.

Finally the required information should not be restricted to availability only, but should also include a discussion on quality. As a result the third kind includes information on User-generated Content (UGC) and Open Data. The User-generated Content comes from people’s own opinions or even perceptions that could potentially affect one’s quality of life like quality of schools, safety, lighting on the street and municipality response to problems, availability of various facilities/amenities like football fields, etc. This type of information is not readily available and needs to be extracted from various sources on the social web; by taking of course into account anonymized personal opinions about the quality of life in the area. The Open Data, for the purposes of our project, comes mainly from goverment sources and include datasets that could potentially affect one’s quality of life like criminality, environmental pollution, cost of living, etc

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